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Baby 1st lines by Sami Apps


SAMI Apps是一系列专注于孩子早期教育和发展的手机应用程序程序。SAMI Apps是由专业教师和专家为六个月到六岁的孩子们开发的教育软件,并让孩子们在玩耍中学习。我们的目标不仅是为了让孩子们玩耍,还能帮助孩子们增长认知能力和发展情感,从而保证他们未来教育的成功。我们在每一个应用程序中都会告诉您哪些比较重要,以及为什么您要重视这些。我们会告诉您一些如何在日常生活中开发孩子们技能的指导,意见和观念,所以我们已经超出了电子媒介的界限。对亏了我们的语言系统,我们的手机应用程序程序是为多语言家庭或想要学习外语的家庭而准备的完美解决方案。- “绘画线条”是孩子们开始写作学习过程的第一步。练习和学习如何控制手的方向和扭曲手腕并绘画出不同的方向的线条将保证孩子们以后能够成功地写作。
A Specialized Team of Professional Infant Stage Teachers (0-6 years old) is behind the creation of the project, so that children can develop and practice their educational skills while they play and have fun. Parental Control is present throughout the child's activity on the app, so you can manage all external access.
Our work is guaranteed by Kids quality seals and our expertise in developing educational apps for children, in which the parents can also find educational Pedagogical Information with explanations, suggestions and tips for working with your children at home. Sami Apps won first prize for Best Children’s App in the 11th Annual El Chupete, the First International Festival of Child Communication. Sami Apps was considered by Appszoom as one of the best family and games apps of 2014. And we are also available in some specialized Tablets for children.